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Hi Guys

this above is the view i look at everyday while walking out of the office.
i have a theory about this view.

I think its intentionally built to look pretty so when you work late you can’t help but feel rather mesmerized into a state of happy calm looking at this. This also distracts you from realizing that you were working late.

It’s ingenious.
I think its a very plausible theory.

Anyway. After work today i went to get my nails done with Pearlyn because i am a superficial being who takes comfort in trivialities and small luxuries, okay. For some reason every time people ask me where are you going and i say oh to get my nails done they roll their eyes at me or give me a oh-you-child look. I don’t roll my eyes at you when you yabber on about the new chainsaw upgrade in L4D, do i? There you go.

Base is hot pink with the french tips done in Designer.. De Better!, my current favorite nail polish color from OPI’s muppet collection.

Today while doing my nails i wondered what it is that makes people who are normally so averse to being touched, willingly flop their hands into that of a strangers. If you describe it out of context it sounds strange, it really does. A lady picks up your rather flaccid hand and massages it, touches your fingers individually and paints them.

And then there are things like salons, and massage parlors.

People plopping down wrapped in only a towel to be poked and rubbed and prodded all over by a virtual stranger, or sitting in a cushy chair and handing over one’s head to a hairdresser to run his/her fingers through your hair.

I think what i am saying is
It’s just awkward
I need to focus my thoughts on things that make more sense and not things like social touching ew

oh yes
lastly, yet another advertisement i wish i’d thought of first