Currently listening to:it’s time by imagine dragons

today after church i lounged around on a bed waiting for the green light to go like a burrito of irony ft. tragedy.

five things off the top of my head

1. i don’t know why my cat waits patiently outside the bathroom while i shower just so she can pounce on me when i emerge when she doesn’t like water. Is she psycho?

yeah, i thought so too.

2. sometimes i place too much significance in promises made in passing. for example too many things i wanted to do before the age of twenty like learn to SEW and maybe have done a little bit more with my life and today i looked up and realized CRAP ITS JUNE my body clock is ticking and i am getting old.

3. most of you should have gotten your college acceptance letters by now. if you’re headed for NTU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences then you can and probably should apply for this year’s Freshman Orientation Camp now- On Stranger Tides.

you might end up in the hybrid vampire-pirate breed, klaus.

4. yet another advertisement i wish i thought of first

so simple yet effective. reminds me of the durex happy father’s day ad, which also reminds me, happy fathers day you all.

5. you’d think that after almost a year i would be used to it but no, some days i still wake up and go lol I’m blonde.