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hi guys

leaving for work in the morning-

Me: Stop clinging on to me Athena i have to go to work and I’m going to smell like Cat the whole day
Athena: Why do you say this like its a bad thing
Rest of the world: omfg wth is wrong with you she’s not actually talking to you this is all in your head you have conversations with your cat you are schizophrenic and really need to see a doctor stat.


so, who stays up the whole night to bid competitively on ebay items before her first day of work? Um, moi. This might be a good time to affirm that I’ve never been very good at making stable life decisions (evidently) (i talk to the internet every other night as a life hobby) (and my imaginary friends) (thats you guys). On the other hand, I’m a proud new owner of the cheki fujifilm instax 25s! re: “I’ve had ENOUGH I’m going to stop moaning around about my friends having cool polaroid pictures and actually buy one” Unfortunately, this theory applies to many, many things.. i was trying to figure out the limits of my ‘reward yourself for finishing y1’ philosophy while hovering over the checkout button on the mbmj, when i suddenly went ‘ah heck’ and ordered a fuchsia marc by marc jacobs mbp case. This also means i am going to be surviving on grass for the next few days..

In any case, going back to Havas Media was strangely a lot more familiar than i thought it would be, slipping back into old routines, patterns, habits. It felt as though i’d never left, like the past year of college was completely nonexistent, which was slightly disconcerting, truth be told. Other things i’ve learnt include 1. people all over singapore still stare if half your head is blonde whether you’re in school or in the CBD 2. i am not used to being awake at 4pm in the afternoon and my brain started making this clear to me in a very obnoxious manner 3. i really need to FIX my sleeping cycle and 4. Lotusnotes STILL sucks.

Halfway through the day, xtel dropped in with surprise gongcha which thankfully had sufficient caffeine (ok lets face it, sugar) to give me a final pick-me-up before the day ended. Other things she dropped in with consisted 1. sarcasm and 2. artistic talent.

lastly, I’m sure you guys would have noticed by now, but sometime last night/this morning, i rehauled my entire web layout. What do you think? Obviously, the lit student in me went one round psychoanalyzing the choice of balloons as the main focus of the skin as some sort of parallel metaphor for an innate desire to break free before i remembered that i chose the design and when i did what i was thinking was ‘hey balloons are cute‘ and nothing along the lines of a high school musical theme song.

What i am saying is, i really need some sleep.