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I dislike whiny long ramble posts that go on and on (lol irony right there) because they can be a bitch to read especially on the computer screen OH THE GLARE! but seriously thank you all so much 2k+ hits overnight andrea and i are overwhelmed. We also really hope you voted as well as watched the video, and thanks so much for the sweet and well meaning emails and messages!

And i don’t know how i can thank you more besides, uh, making a public service announcement in stooffi’s words and informing the mass public that Maroon Five has released a pretty damn epic new hit

If you’ve already heard it I’m sorry! I’ll sing you a song if we win this thing alright. Also bear in mind that I’m a huge maroon 5 fangirl so the song may not appeal to everyone although who can resist Adam Levine seriously, who.

Alright back to cramming for tomorrow morning’s exam. I see my future.. and it doesn’t involve a whole lot of sleep. On a slightly unrelated note, i read Don Juan as part of my syllabus and i really, really liked it, such witty and sarcastic writing from so long ago! Read the online pdf version here.

You are welcome.