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If there were a way to spell the end of three killer essays in one week it would be spelt f-i-n-a-l-l-y. After turning in our very much inadequately cobbled together pieces of prose, Andrea, Cindy and I headed down to town to get breakfast for dinner.

Afterwhich by virtue of Andrea’s car we headed to 2am dessert bar at holland v for, well. Dessert.

The dessert which literally stole the show- the blood orange sorbet. One of the most amazing sorbets we’d ever tried.

Also it being out virgin trip to 2am dessert bar we were so impressed by the sofa seats Andrea immediately started working them into her future home’s design

Also, they play very good music- after sneakily hijacking what looked suspiciously like a broom closet, i found their mixtape and you can access it here. Just like being a ninja except theres less breaking and more entering.

After this i think the post submission high finally hit us proper and the rest of the night got exceedingly weird in an if you can’t go and party we’ll bring the party to you kind of way.

Im not quite sure what I’m going to do with a bunch of photos of shocked joggers, to be honest.

Slowing down today with a blanket of literature and an impromptu movie with candice and martin

“It’s John, John Constantine… asshole.”

Pretty much sums up everything come to think of it.