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Hi guys,

When we first met Athena a month back, we thought she was a kitten- a rag doll kitten at that.

It is becoming increasingly evident that we were wrong.

I don’t quite know how to break this to my baby sister, but we didnt buy a cat.

We bought a pig.

Exhibit A

Seriously, all it does is sleep. Sleep and sleep and sleep.
I don’t get it how can something sleep so much.

I was talking to it halfway and the pig fell asleep again.

About an hour back, it woke up and went to chow on some food, then plonked in front of the mirror and stared at itself.

It’s incredibly vain- only ten minutes and it learnt how to legitimately operate photo booth on mac, though theres room for improvement skill wise.

I have taken to calling it pig, which my sisters don’t particularly seem pleased with but seriously LOOK AT THAT VAINPOT

taken with photo booth

Yeah well anyway thats the end of my arbitrary cat update. Pig has gone back to lounging around on the pink furry bed we got her.

Been a pretty good two days, spent watching the Hunger Games with XQ at vivo last night (seriously there wasn’t enough blood man and also, TEAM PEETA Y’ALL), also, talking to the best friend for hours on end- he came down to NTU to visit, and you guys know how that always makes my day.

Meanwhile deadlines call


Have a great weekend, you guys.