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Hi Guys,

So about a month ago i got a message from Nizam asking me if i’d like to attend the Sony PS Vita launch event in singapore and i was all like, hell to the yes please. For those of you who don’t know, the PS Vita is the latest PSP to hit the markets and looks something like this

just look at that machine

the last i remember of the PSP was this one:

I used to play Bleach on the PSP in secondary school under my table and i was DOPE at this game. I had this idiotproof technique which i like to call Spamming the O button (i think it was O, its been quite a while since I’ve last played this) and this was a huge S U C C E S S because it meant i entered Bankai mode super fast and finished off my opponents basically by giving them no window of opportunity to actually attack me. My classmates called me a cheat and likened it to spinning the handles on the foozball table but hey, whatever works. If you don’t know what i mean by A. Spamming the Buttons and/or B. Spinning the handles on the foozball table then you need to go back and redo your childhood because you obviously did it wrong the first time round.

I think my point was that this PSP was some serious nostalgic dope. Yes.

(I basically stopped after the Bleach trend died out and everyone started playing monster hunter which i hated, and because i didnt actually have my own PSP (used to wrestle it away from my best friend), NOONE would lend me theirs or go multiplayer with me because they all wanted to play stupid monster hunter. After that there was Pata Pon which i also hated… because i sucked at it. Whatever.)

Yeah so anyway i was super excited because i hardly get invited to gaming events. Somehow noone seems to think i’d be interested in playing console games despite my HISTORY in under-the-table PSP gaming and the dismal chemistry scores i got to prove it.. or maybe thats why. Anyway.

I figured i better bring someone who actually knew a thing or two about gaming in case i started getting asked questions so i brought Marcius along. My entire gaming ideology centers around ‘like it, grab it, don’t like it, hit it‘ which i don’t think will fly so well with the general public.. any more complicated than that and i start to just blank out, which is probably why i was ALWAYS first blooded in Dota and why the only game i seem to do relatively okay in is L4D where you just mindlessly shoot stuff.

Man i am not portraying a mentally stable image of myself here.

Lol pseudo movie star moment where professional looking cameras are trained on him.

In any case when i saw the new PS Vita i pretty much went, wow that is something else. I used to think the old one was sexy (as compared to my gameboy color ok, give me a break) but this new one is like Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2 when your only memory of her thus far is Alex’s older sister in Home Alone 3. mm-hmm. You know it.

Let me explain.

For those of you familiar with the PSP/PSP Slim, you’ll remember that its basically a standard console with a pretty sweet screen and a bunch of buttons and two glass thingies at the top of each corner which you could press together to get some special powers in games (read: Bleach).

Well, the new one has that and more- its gotten a capacitive frontal multi touch screen with sixteen million (SIXTEEN MILLION i remember how we used to go ape shit when the first 24-bit phone came out) colors, both a front and rear camera, 3G and .. get this. A rear capacitive touch pad. Man you have no idea how many pick up lines that one spawned.

Just googled it to show you what it looks like.

Essentially this means you can now control the onscreen action with your fingers on the front and back of the device, which makes playing games like Little Deviants pretty damn sweet.

(it looks so deceptively cute but its really difficult ok i kept rolling right off the edge of the gamespace. my self esteem, it died a little.)

Me being really determined to PASS THE LEVEL but going home with a crushed ego. One of those games which are so cute and addictive that you just want to keep going at it till you get it down pat. Another game i had a go at was Gravity Rush, which was so fun and realistic yet queer i don’t really know how to explain it- watch the video here.

Another noteworthy game- Reality Fighters- where you use the front camera to take a picture of yourself, superimpose it onto a body of your choice (now wouldn’t you like to have a function like that in real life) and basically fight it out with other players or the machine generated opponent if you’re like me and have no friends who want to play with you. You can also use the rear camera to superimpose the entire scene onto whatever you’re facing irl which means you can make the tiny characters dance around on your lecturer’s desk.

That’s Jessie from Sony HK, who was trying very hard (and patiently) to get me to concentrate on attacking the correct people rather than people who were on my team. Sorry Jessie, I’m a little obscure like that- i used to play for the wrong team all the time in Saboteur and realize only after the game had ended that i was meant to be on the Miner’s side instead of the Saboteurs. Now that got me into a bit of a pickle with my friends then. They accused me of being a mole for the other team, who then got offended… What i am saying is, you know you’re pretty shit when people get try to bum you off other team so you drag them down.

Ooh did i mention- Jessie gave me the PS Vita flag which she’s holding in the first picture!! I got so unreasonably excited about this. Its hanging in my room right now after about a month of waving it in everyone’s faces. This also happened with the Singapore flags they gave out at the NDP preview show in primary five.

Another thing i want to talk about is the 3G/WiFi function on this thing. THREE G. Seems like everything is wired to the world wide web these days- and the two cameras means that this basically is a portable skyping machine. Yes there is Skype available for the Vita, and beyond Skype you can actually TEXT YOUR FRIENDS on the Vita. (No calls though) The Gorgeous display also makes internet surfing delightful and you know I’m serious because i spelled it G-orgeous and when people capitalize the first letter of a word, thats when Shit Gets Real. See what i mean.

We were looking through the specs and M went Damn! This thing has the same processing speed as my Macbook! and i thought to myself, if i knew how to whistle THIS WOULD BE THE MOMENT WHERE I DID.

It also has a six axis motion sensing system but, you know, did you really expect anything less from a machine that has the same processing speed as a macbook #justsaying.

They gave us a limited edition PS Vita tee which i was very pleased with because of the blue bits which shimmer. Also check out the back of the tee- i now also have a rear touchpad.. ok no. There are some things you don’t joke about without it getting awkward. I don’t know why i say stuff like that on the internet.

The Sony PS Vita Wifi is already on the market, but the 3G model is launching real soon- preorder with Singtel, the exclusive preferred mobile operator for the Vita, here.

If any of you already have the WiFi-ed Vita, i’d love to hear what you think of it, also, do you suck as bad as i do in Gravity Rush? (please say yes, it can’t just be me can it)

Thank you, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong and Nizam for the invitation!