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So it was between this and strictly pancakes and boy oh boy am i glad we chose this. Caught Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close today with XQ at Vivocity, and it was easily the best movie i’ve caught all year. Cried nearly seven times the entire movie (i counted) and i am not ashamed of this because if you don’t cry during this movie i am telling you, you probably have a black swirling empty vortex where your heart should be. The old man sitting alone next to me was sobbing his eyes out, and i was legitimately slightly worried about him getting too emotional and fainting from dehydration or something.

Pleasantly surprised, because i love the book and i was expecting the movie to not live up to it (book adaptations usually don’t, unfortunately), but this one was so good. The movie run is ending soon, so do catch it if you haven’t, here’s the trailer.

And since we’re on the topic of shows:

the very talented residents of my hall are putting up a musical, Sing to the Dawn, on the 24th of this month! Photos and information here, and you can get your tickets from Marcus or Melvin, their contact details are as per listed.