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HSS Food Trail II, Day 3 of HSS Week 2012: Old School
The 126 Dimsum auntie set up a table for us on the cusp of the road
it was horrific and we confused a lot of cars.

You guys

i slept at 7am and woke up an hour later at 8 for church. ‘how are you even alive now’ people have been asking me in various permutations the entire day, and i say ‘what makes you think i am’.
so incredibly frustrating to be unable to write fluently before midnight
so ridiculous, i know

this is what happens when you only sleep an hour
you wake up suddenly so convinced that it is perfectly logical to ink your hair pink.

when i was younger i used to wonder at how healthy it was to cram for a subject like literature, to leave yourself privy to a précis of sighs, and be disquieted at hints of resonance. i say resonance because it allows for a symphony of interpretation, what resonates with me may jar you.

it used to be so noisy in here.