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Photos taken with the Lumia800.

Spent the evening attending Epiphany’s LitFest2012 at the Black Box, four short student written and directed plays about existentialism, the human mind, feminist politics and SMRT. Also, the acting debut of superstar sally (in The End, an existentialist adaptation of Waiting for Godot) and Vanessa Paul (the sexy easter bunny dancing to Little Bit in In The Dark), so proud of these talented friends i have what did i do i am not worthy i better hurry get an autograph before they get famous.

I woke up today (late) thinking, ‘walking distance’ is a phrase used far too loosely. In the afternoon i concussed in a cafe while waiting for a professor who thought our meeting was tomorrow. Needless to say i have a thousand five words to chug out yet, spending five ams drugged with words fluttering from the mind of another, playing scrabble with your intentions, this feels oddly familiar and strangely comforting. Vampire weekend screaming down my ear, HERE COMES A FEELING YOU THOUGHT YOU’D FORGOTTEN.

I escaped from a broken down train (for real) and returned tired, unscathed, tired, but found out there is Yakult at home so all is good you guys, all is good.