Currently listening to:I get around by the beach boys

I believe your exact words were: “You’re getting too emotional.”

from left:
1. ‘blondes have more fun’ ombre club
2. tracking the very slow growth of army boy andre’s hair
3. odelia trying to do the ‘twist’ sign and getting confused over the number of fingers needed

too many lazy sundays spent curling up with a book and hot chocolate, trying to come up with a list of ‘productive things i did this weekend’ but i draw a blank. besides waking up at 5pm on saturday and moon tanning by the poolside with K, chewing up two proposal drafts and mumbling incoherently about fingers and strawberries, I’ve read approximately five pages of Fistful of Colors.. which is not in line with our ‘GET OUR LIFE IN ORDER’ plan at all.

so many lists and plans drawn up in markers and scratched into cream colored thick paper, and i am reminded of levithan: “This is my life, I think. I am an accumulation of objects.”

new life anthem, guys

always pretty happy when I’m kicking back with you

february is proving rather sweet so far.