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A celebration of talent within the school: the final installment of Project Superstar-Your Call, this year’s HSSIdol competition as part of HSS Week 2012.HSS Night as a whole, general consensus along the lines of wild success, so much to be thankful for i am thinking. Most of all Candice, my socialite subcommers, the 8th Main Management Committee and the talented Cindy and Andrea as the best emcees ever.

Day Three of HSSWeek concluded successfully today with Hop Supper Hop- Food Trail II, and i have never been more relieved nor exhausted. Skipped school today (entire life becoming a balanced up weighing of opportunity costs, and economics was my worst subject in school) to work on my essay, spent the afternoon in a not so dusty library ala camera obscura, waiting for some words to jump in me

City Hall National Library

And also, too tired to formulate fluid thought, words by proxy of arthur yap:

Roll Call
I can understand animals in a zoo:
aren’t they for our enjoyment?
I can understand their entertainment:
if they turn a few tricks for us
do we not give them some peanuts?
i cannot understand the zoo in me:
why i eat peanuts, am sometimes absurd.
i understand why i cannot be a zoo:
first of all, i wear glasses
next, i not particularly like mud,
turd, & other such esoterica.
&, finally, I’m not very sure
of the heuristics of such phrases:
“social interaction” & “behavioural objectives”,
which i hear often
&which seem applicable to all a animals.
because i can’t understand them
i want to object to the phrases
of (be)having to interact with them
believing they must do their thing(S)
there’ll always be a zoo. i shall go on
giving them peanuts & eat some myself
(not necessarily simultaneously)
(&would you like some as well?)