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Those of you who know me will know that my sisters and I have been searching for the perfect kitten for the longest time ever, going through a bunch of disappointments and scams and sellers backing out, so i didnt tweet/blog about this one till it was confirmed lest i jinx it. (the previous one we were so excited about fell through because the kitten wasn’t healthy..)

Anyway, today Baby and I went down to the breeder’s place and everything’s pretty much confirmed now, so get ready for a BARRAGE of adorbz in this post. Introducing Flynn, the mama cat first:

Bicoloured purebreed ragdoll, ISNT SHE LOVELY?

Two boys, two girls. Athena’s the only bicolored kitten, the rest are seal point and mitted.

Besides Athena, this one here is my second favorite:

This little yet-to-be-named boy seriously lives in its own world. While all the rest were feeding, it was rolling around in the corner playing with its toes. I don’t mean in the sandbox, i mean, in the corner of the room, batting at its own feet with utmost intensity and dedication. Later, when the rest of the kittens were being cleaned by Flynn, this one went off and had a very earnest conversation with the wall. Flynn had to grab it over and force it to take a nap by sticking her paw on his head.

I like this kitten.


(btw yes i know Flynn is the name of the hot bandit in Disney’s Rapunzel don’t ask me why the mum is named Flynn i don’t know either)

ADORABLE OR WHAT? I swear, my heart melted. We’re collecting it proper in four weeks because we’re not taking chances with this sweetheart, going to try and keep it on the mama cat’s milk as long as possible. btw they’re newborn this february, nothing quite screams PICK ME UP AND HUG ME as much as a newborn kitten.

Ah in other news, NEW DEVELOPMENT in the twitter egg hatching conspiracy- the fried egg hatched yesterday:

i REALLY DONT GET how a fried egg turns into a chick again. Chickens do not resurrect from the dead after three days what is going on i cannot help but draw a biblical parallel. Things are getting increasingly nonsensical.

ooh, lastly;

S C H O O L ‘ S O U T !!!!!!!

Rweek here we come. You’d think the R in Rweek stands for REST AND RECREATION but really it stands for Reality week, where you get hit in the face with oshite, i don’t know shit and i have been sleeping in class all semester and i have a million papers due reality and freak out. Certainly, it doesn’t stand for recessweek. I don’t know how that rumor came about.