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photos from ern’s superhead, spanning 2011.

It is too easy to let things go (on) once you start.

First you get emotional and then you get bored of yourself then you get worried about your schedule then you get upset about your lack of focus and then you get carried away with laughing and pushing things away and watching them boomerang back unable to duck and you get annoyed with your LACK OF PROGRESS and you start questioning yourself ie. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE AGAIN? WHAT WAS THAT? THE RESONATING SOUND OF INACTION? and you get pissed off with yourself for not making tangible headway and you get pissed off with yourself for getting pissed off with yourself and then you realize the reason why you don’t speak of these things is because once you start you CANNOT STOP it is too easy to let things go, and too easy to let things go on.

Most of all, you get frustrated with yourself for being so self indulgent, you know, because there are bigger issues than yourself for emotional investment and concern, such as ministerial pay cuts or, whatever.