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HSS Supper Hop/Food Trail last thursday, places visited: Jalan Kayu prata, Swee Choon dim sum, Kitchener Road Scissors Curry Rice, and we wanted to stop at Selegie for tauhuey but we ran out of time. I was promised a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE via the Custard bun at Swee Choon, but last i checked I’m still unimpressively mediocre, with sleepy eyes and chipped nails. That said, it was a really good bun.

In any case, we’re toeing the line between the hectic first week of events and the second week of school proper. Is it characteristically irresponsible for me to be more concerned over the state of my bread over my readings? Been too busy to touch more than a slice of the bread i bought during the last grocery trip, and it inconsiderately.. expired. I don’t know whether i should be happy that i didnt finish the bread or pissed off that i need to throw away almost a full loaf.

On a possibly unrelated note i have also been considering expiry dates and whether they are merely a… suggestion.

You know that when my blogposts start revolving around issues de l’domestiques, I’m back to hall life. TIME TO GET STARTED ON THE READINGS, is what i say every semester, but this time round i have been repeatedly assured that if i don’t KEEP UP WITH the readings, my face will hurt.

What would i do without you all.