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Took a trip down to platform 9 and 3/4s in hope of finding a harry potter-esque train but a lack of the catalyst of a transcendental brick wall left me shaking in a traveling tin can for six hours. In any case, i spent most of the last week in Malaysia for the combined church youth camp with youths of malaysia, singapore, and several other asian states. A spiritually enriching week spent figuring out how other christian youths do their stuff and concocting our own amalgamation.

also, mosquitoes won’t bloody leave me alone even across the border. Its horrifying.

i know a 98 word post held together by spiderweb thin logic and a sparing use of conjugations isn’t much to offer up after vanishing for a week, but jet lag (yeah right. what do you call travel exhaustion when you have neither taken a jet nor experienced a time lag?) has got me relatively ennui-ridden. I promise a more coherently strung together post the next time is what i am saying.