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“But sensible people dont go into avalanche country in avalanche season.”
“A sensible person wouldnt be having this conversation with you.”

I finished all three volumes of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami today, which is to say i started it 4 days ago and finished it today. It’s the kind of book that assures you from the beginning that it won’t make sense and isn’t going to try to, then spends the rest of the book proving this with single minded effort. No loose ends are tied up. No burning questions are answered. He contradicts himself at every turn. << Insert: NYtimes– They are supposed to be very wise, even though the smartest thing they ever say is “Ho ho.”>> Reading this within a month of finishing Sputnik Sweetheart, also by him, I can’t decide if its a work of genius or complacency, given how characters recur- it seems to be a signature habit of Murakami’s to include men who like sleeping with married, older women, and strange girls who lie on the other extreme of the archetypal MPDG.

A hundred pages in, i thought to myself, so be it. So nothing is going to make sense. I’m okay with that. And removing logic from the equation, i found the prose enjoyable, stylistically pleasing, slightly disturbing. You come out on the other end feeling rather strange.

I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it, but 2937 pages is a long, long time given to figure it out. Decide for yourself: i uploaded the pdf here.

“I might end up never firing the pistol. Contrary to Chekhov’s principle.”