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Had the good fortune to be invited to the Train & Mike Posner Singapore press conference at the Ritz Carlton today- along with other regional artistes: Hao Ren from Malaysia, Oprah-discovered talent Julia Abueva, and Slot Machine from Thailand.

They’re in town for the UPHORIA party by Sony which will be tomorrow (or today, depending how you look at it), 3rd December, at Scape. The night concert is for ticket holders only, but the afternoon showcase, FIFA12 and Playstation tournament + movie screenings (The Smurfs and the exclusive first screening of the latest Adam Sandler blockbuster, Jack and Jill) and performances by aforementioned local artistes are open to the general public from 12pm -6pm.

Excerpts from the conference today:

In response to how they stay current although they’re such an old band, Pat Monahan, lead singer of Train: “I’m like the old justin bieber, so..”

Pat Monahan to Mike Posner: “is it true that I’m cooler than you?”
Mike: “trufax”

Mike: “my mom expects me to skype her everyday!”
Scott Underwood (drummer from Train): “our parents all don’t know what a computer is.. Or they’re dead. So.”

It was hilarious.

Thank you so much Sony, Kenneth from Waggener PR, and Christel for the invite!

Brought Glenn along as my +1 because we were both part of Mission Anniversaire at the Fullerton Bay Hotel after that (a post for another day), and went for dinner with Victor (both my bros-by-extension thanks to Fred) I CANNOT BELIEVE these two are out of the army for good, they ORD-d this morning.

Congrats on getting your pink ICs back guys!

Also, somewhere between last night and this morning, i realized that i was the only person who took the phrase movie marathon seriously. All my lousy friends fell asleep after Saw. New life lesson also includes not watching Rapunzel at 2am because it can and will leave you with an extreme inferiority complex, ie. how come at eighteen everything went hunky-dory for her IM NINETEEN STILL NO ROYAL FAMILY HAS CLAIMED ME Y LIKE THIS Y

In other news, happy birthday to my dearest BBF and happy 365days to my favorite couple. Im so glad you two enjoyed yourselves today! Will upload the entire documented process when I’m done with the photos 🙂