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So i went into the first semester of my college life thinking to myself that i would magically gain fluency in a new language and turn into one of those suit wearing stiletto heels business lawyers, but no. Sometimes i swear if you cut open my head you’ll find one of those snow globe things which turn all glittery and sparkly when you shake it up.

Anyway, you would think i’d be more perturbed about the fact that six months of french lessons and drinking milkshakes at the back of the law lecture theater has left me with nothing but a vague memory of how to say ooh la la and vous etes encinte? (are you pregnant in french, this is surprisingly useful in spicing up otherwise ordinary conversation to be honest), also, free milo thanks to a long email frantically referenced from my law textbook, but no. At 11am today i was giggling to myself about how the Law Of Torts sounded like the Law Of Tortillas and having life epiphanies regarding strange shit going on in the world, observe:

“case law 1932 donoghue v stevenson: woman drinks ginger beer with partially decomposed snail in it, IS THIS REAL LIFE OR IS THIS SAW?!”


“this is such a girly thing to say but it is an hour to my exam and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.”

After my last paper today i may or may not have been screaming FINALLY NO MORE SENSELESS NEED TO STARE AT BOOKS I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT!!!!! and singing pumped up kicks at the top of my voice. i don’t know why i wanted to be a lawyer as a kid is what i am saying.

in other news i am out of coffee and mentos which in other circumstances would spell DISASTER but today it just means I’m going to curl up with Margaret Atwood until i fall asleep.

Life of spiraling into endless meaninglessness where my greatest crisis of the moment lies in what color i should get my nails done next (OPI YODEL ME ON MY CELL OR LOVE IS A RACKET?!?!?!?!!? HOW DOES A GIRL MAKE SUCH DECISIONS, I ASK YOU, HOW), i embrace you with open arms.