Currently listening to:Entr’acte by National Symphony Orchestra
Status:really full. also, kind of sleepy

Cooked tonight for Aggie and Song Leng:
Mac and Cheese with Asian/Western Veggies and orange juice.

Dinner last night with Marcius (he cooked) and Yi Meng.

Seems like a pretty good reason to get an oven to me JUST SAYING oh and ever since buying the oven i don’t believe i’ve had any canteen meals.. mm. Spent the last three days in a state of wide eyed disarray, drowning in language and words that are not my own, fueled purely by Nescafe INTENSE and Nescafe 3-in-1 Gold. Coincidentally, this is my seventeenth cup since two days back, and i do believe if you cut me now: i may bleed coffee.

Currently kind of broke because i spent all my money this afternoon on printing notes, orange juice and xiao bai cai as opposed to, you know. Shoes.

Mother would be so proud.