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Some photos from last night’s Heineken REDUX: Project Green Room– will upload more when i get them from the official event photographers! Pictures taken with the Canon 500D.

Had the good fortune to be invited for the Heineken Green Room party last night featuring Jamie Woon and Ikonika. Organized by APB/Heineken and Ogilvy, i can probably safely say it was my first ever underground-style party attended.

Besides the rad Heineken lab glasses appended to each of our faces and the Heineken girls walking around in silver-blonde wigs (making me feel like i just stepped onto the set of Star Trek) the entire event was held at a warehouse-looking place along Stadium Link, complete with strobe lights and green lasers everywhere a la the Matrix. It was incredibly difficult for someone with zero sense of direction (ok, me) to get to, so i hitched a ride from Jaslyn from the Estee Lauder Group- thank you!!

It reminded me of those underground parties you read about in books, packaged with experimentalism into new types of music with dubstep DJ queen Ikonika and the massively successful BBC chart topping Jamie Woon. It was so incredibly underground that it called for a triangle ▲ MUMMY AM I COOL YET.

They sure know how to throw a party- the whole place was full of thrilled, bright eyed fans with RADNESS tattooed all over their faces. It was like shopping at DOPE MUSIC UNLIMITED DOT COM on the world wide web and seeing all other online customers swoon over the playlists and screens.
Read more about it here.
Thank you Christel and Asia Pacific Breweries for the invite!