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Alright so besides cheerfully congratulating myself on that joke up there (bourne identity, blonde identity, get it get it get it ok nevermind) and indulging in the wonder that is How I Met Your Mother season two, i do believe i have a long overdue blogpost on the dyeing process promised.

Exactly three weeks ago, I headed down to bonafides beaute (my current hair sponsor) to get my virgin hair done up in ombre blonde!!

Picture of never-before-dyed/permed/rebonded hair:

When you walk into Bonafides they offer you homemade ginger tea/ oxygen water before sitting you down to discuss what you want done to your hair! Anyway, Jeeves (at least, that’s what everyone was calling him so i think that’s how it’s spelled) was my hairstylist and he’s really creative! At Bonafides you can opt for a classic or creative stylist depending on what you’re going for.

One of the things i appreciate the most about bonafides is they don’t bullshit you. So many salons i’ve stepped into while waiting for friends to get their hair done, and in each one i get cornered by a hairdresser trying to convince me to do something to my hair, offering up lines of oh no, the damage done to your hair will be minimal, the upkeep isn’t expensive at all, you’ll look really really good in this!!!!

When i sat down to talk to Jeeves, the conversation went more like this:

me: will the bleaching really damage my hair?
jeeves: yup
me: uh.. a lot? (hoping for some reassurance)
jeeves: yup
me: (heartbreaks) uuh oh man okay but it will go back to being soft after awhile right?
jeeves: (cheerfully) yup, when you cut off all the dyed bits!

oh well at least he was honest with me! He also advised me against the original full on platinum blonde ombre i was envisioning because of the amount of damage it would do to my hair, and suggested a lighter shading/streaking, which i ended up liking even more.

First time ever doing anything to my hair- i was terrified!! When they applied the first layer of bleach i think my heart broke.

ok smiling face so i think that sort of negated the heart break sentence previously.

Basically, the hairstylists here will analyze the texture of your hair and then custom mix a blend of colors that will suit your skin tone and suit your hair best! Also, because of the custom mixing of each color (as opposed to salons that just use dye out of the box), the color base is different and it looks nicer when it fades. Ie. instead of my blonde fading to the orangey color that you get with off the shelves dye, it just fades into a more natural and golden blonde.


isn’t the contrast incredible?!?!?!? ok so basically for ombre blonde hair, what you need to do is to bleach your hair and then slowly apply the different layers of color on to it. this is quite different from all those home DIY youtube videos I’ve watched on ombre hair which emphasizes on multiple bleaching downwards to get the whole ombre effect, but then again a few of those girls did end up bleaching off the bottom of their hair till it disintegrated..

First layer of color:

in real life this was a sort of honeyed blonde color, although it appears more brownish in the photo.

In the process of appending different color layers onto my hair:

haha my hair was so long that they needed several people to dry bits of it and work on other parts of it at any one time!

oh yeah also while my hair was being worked on, they also served home made desert- everything here is homemade, keeping in line with their theme on healthy living. Im not sure what the desert is called but my mum makes it at home sometimes too, its this cooling soup-like thingy!

he went on to streak it with highlight and lowlights in several more shades of blonde including ash, chestnut, strawberry, and the coveted platinum!

Left: Sylvonne (the business development assistant for Bonafides Beaute, she’s the one who manages the blogger collaboration and she is also an absolutely lovely person- she bought me yakult because she read that i liked it o m g how sweet can you get!!!!!!)

Right: Jeeves (the creative hairdresser!! he also did Penny’s hair in pink and purple ombre today, can’t wait to see it!!)

The final result:

hee hee hee

nice or what! at first i was a little unsure because i was so unused to having anything other than long black hair, but the more i look at it the more i like it! Also i keep getting Rapunzel comments which makes my day every time i hear it because I LOVE RAPUNZEL long blonde hair hello who wouldn’t love her.

Also actually really pleasantly surprised by my hair texture now. I thought it would be super damaged and straw-like but its actually.. pretty soft! But that might just be how my hair is (it also refuses to stay curled more than fifteen minutes) so …

Okay so despite the, i don’t know, ten minutes? it took for you to read this, the entire dyeing process took 5-6 hours. this is due to the 1. sheer length of my hair (no, seriously, my hair is so long i can tuck it into my jeans now) (ok you didn’t need to know that) and 2. the seven different colors in my hair. It isn’t immediately apparent but you should see my hair in the sun and boy oh boy does it sparkle.

Aaand I’m going to reiterate the promotion Bonafides Beaute is having for all my readers which i previously stated in my photoshoot post here because the promotion is ending soon on the 11th of October:

$48 for any one:

1. 45mins Radiance Face Treatment worth $108
2. 45mins Relaxing Body Massage worth $78
3. 90mins Classic Mani + Pedi worth $66
4. 90mins Hair Color worth $70 (T&C applies: extra $10-20 for hair length below shoulder)

*Hair and nail services only at Bonafides Prestige- the conveniently located somerset outlet.
**Terms and conditions apply, call them up to check.

Do call them up at 67372828 to book an appointment- oh i almost forgot, you also have to quote “Bona Jem 11” to enjoy any of the above promotions! Also, like their Facebook page here for more updates.

Their flagship branch is at Somerset:
Centerpoint shopping mall, 176 Orchard Road #03-26/27 Centrepoint Singapore 238843
but they also have branches all over singapore at marine parade, amk, tampines and so on.

Also, do email me photos of your own hair if you decide to do an ombre as well- I’m morbidly curious and so far i’ve had people telling me that they’re going for red, blonde, blue, pink and purple ombres (not on the same head of course) and i really want to see them!!

Thank you Bonafides Beaute for sponsoring my hair! xx