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When i told my parents i would buy them breakfast today, given how it’s a holiday and im hardly at home nowadays, i did not know their breakfast meant six am. WHO EATS BREAKFAST AT SIX AM UNLESS YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL?? I almost fell asleep in my dim sum.

Anyway, as breakfast progressed my ability to make coherent conversation degenerated steadily and i think i caught my parents exchanging a we have a zombie for a daughter do we blame it on your genes or mine look more than once. After four more hours of my face saying hi to the sofa following breakfast i properly woke up and after trundling across the country (literally) GUESS WHO’S GOT A FRIDGE IN HER DORM ROOM NOW OHYEAHHHH~~~~

Take out your red lipstick again, dinner with Xtel at Dian Xiao Er in the evening, catching up on work and the office. Whenever i meet anyone from media i momentarily wonder what it would have been like if i had taken that gap year like i originally planned.. and also, lament the vast financial difference between being a working lady and a poor struggling student. Still, i dont think i regret making the decision to come back to school.

I have said this before but i honestly believe the asian culture has the most kickass food. ever.

We went shop-hopping, looking for things to brighten up her office space, she ended up with an ugly doll which was honestly quite adorable, i ended up with.. nothing. because i dont have an office anymore. dang.

her adorabugly doll is probably a better solution to the monochome of the office than what i used to do- buy a different flower every day for my desk. Then again, my desk was the sahara of desks, with all the grains of sand representing my drafts after drafts of research papers and proposals, so i probably really needed those flowers to distract all the disapproving desk visitors.

and then, uhh, frolick.

if you stare at my face carefully i believe you can start to see a certain resemblance to siew mai. Sad but true. Tis the effects of being enthusiastically loyal to my own asian heritage. uhh. sort of.

in other news i am convinced my Sim from sims social is bipolar and alcoholic. when i dont slate any actions for her she hides in the bathroom behind the shower stall where i cant click on her. when i ask her to clear the weeds in the garden she takes out a glass of alcohol and starts drinking. Despairing of my sim, i turned to smurfs on the ipad but the stupid papa smurf keeps running off to hide in the forest so i cant complete my quest also SMURFETTE is nowhere to be seen.

Since then i have started on tiny tower and I LOVE IT.