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Central Park, Manhattan, 2011.

Again the problem of dad’s Mac and my DSLR being on non-speaking terms separates roughly three hundred photos of tonight from the likes of facebook and the world wide web. Which might be a potential problem, because it seems that in slightly under a month I will be the owner of a Macbook Pro.. lets hope that one gets along slightly better with the dslr.

reason being: everyone has been lamenting my insistence on portability in the face of superior specifications (have you felt how LIGHT the macbook air is?!) when i already own an ipad and live on campus. oh well. I was thinking of naming the MBP unicorn, what do you think! Also gazing at snow white decals on etsy.. hm.

Why did i come online again? Ah yes. ANNOUNCEMENT:


i have decided that the lack of cold yakult in my life is very distressing. also, everytime i walk into fairprice xtra (which is disturbingly often now that i live alone and therefore have to fend off dust and hunger and whatnots) i want to buy fruits but i cannot because in room temperature they will wilt and die and cause me to have consumption when i eat them and therefore i might also wilt and die.

Ok so anyone who might want to sell off their minifridge please email me at with like a picture and your asking price. Please also be someone living in Singapore because i dont want to ship in a fridge from overseas. Thankyou!