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Why yes i was purposely putting off blogging about phuket so i could whip it out four months later to spice up the monotony of August! Excuses you say, but i think it’s genius.

ANYWAY, in May this year I went to Phuket on a company trip.

Sleepy Faces.
The flight out was at 5 am i think, omg.

We stayed in The Kee, which i loved. Free wifi! and it was huge! and everyone smiled nonstop!

May was the month of proposals, pitches and contracts so the consequent high levels of stress led to Xtel and I heading straight to the massage parlor! Ok who am i kidding every month is the month of proposals pitches and contracts. Lol.

Thai massages really do make you feel.. relaxed. I fell asleep halfway haha. Afterwards i smelt like vanilla ice cream.

Went down to the beach after that, where christel immediately ran after all the vendors and started throwing herself off cliffs and whatnot.. parasailing and boating and jetskiing.. i was like lolwut all i want to do is chill all that sounds tiring so i fell asleep on the beach. Again.

I was so pleased with myself waking up after four hours feeling all lazy and in a daze and stuff, but xtel immediately started going YOU WASTING YOUR TRIP GET UP AND GO PARASAIL/JETSKI/BOATING but i couldnt snap out of my look at that! i slept for four hours in the afternoon! im so pleased with myself! daze so she got even more annoyed haha.

What. When you’re working, an afternoon nap is a Big Deal okay.

More beach photos

friendly americans who photobombed my sealine photo

We went through this “red light district..?” street just opposite the hotel to get to the dinner restaurant.

Those are men.

Its slightly scary because i didnt realise they were men, they looked so.. ok i get how you can do surgery and buy a boob or something but HOW DO YOU GET THE HIPS TO GO IN LIKE THAT?!

Welcome! sign at the doorway of this italian restaurant.Miko and i were laughing at it because the “chef” statue looked so green, like someone had poisoned his food, and he was cock-eyed! How does that induce anyone to want to eat there?!!?!

ok but then obviously my logic was a fail because the restaurant was actually pretty popular.

back in the hotel room, so impressed with our huge tv

IT CAN SURF THE NET! how awesome is that. You just sit on the bed and type away at the huge keyboard, and use the tv as you would a computer screen.

Sat at the balcony which melts into the pool, legs dangling into the water. splash with every few words, noone swims late at night and you can almost pretend it’s a private pool.

That’s it for Day one.With any luck i’ll remember about the existence of day two and blog about it before the year is up..

Havas Media, MPG/MC Asia Pacific, for the holiday.