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Status:red eyed.seriously. idek what is up with my eye.

The thing about using film cameras heavily these days is that i dont actually have any photos to post up until i go and develop the whole batch. And then when i do, its a whole mass of photos. Its like a feeder bus. Therefore you get GPOYs taken with my 0.3 megapixel webcam. I also think the top right photo is funny because i look like some sort of weird rabbit hamster breed. I cant look at it without cracking up.

Anyway. Something is up with my eye, the left one is red for no rhyme or reason. It’s really hot stuff, … if you’ve got a thing for monster-from-the-swamp type of girls. Sigh. Scaring people everywhere i go. While chatting with Mav and Dan tonight, we were debating what kind of person i might or might not get as a roommate… and dan said maybe you are the horror. I’m going to start spreading rumors about you so your potential roommate will be terrified of you.. Looks like dan doesnt need to say a word and im still going to terrify her. I terrify myself when i look in the mirror. stupid eye.

I went down to MJ again today to catch up with Dr S over staffroom lockers and wisps of cold air, and before meeting Mav for dinner at the HK cafe down at White Sands (HURRAY! CHINESE FOOD!), i went to CaKe photography studios to return @alkanphel his prime lens! Spent three hours or so looking at various types of lenses/cameras and feeling as though my diana which i was quite proud of was quite shite.. oh well. Its very cute shite though.

Dinner with Mav was good until i helped her plan her Game Plan for the A levels (seriously time flies, flies i tell you) and it was all fine and dandy we planned lit gp math chem and then i looked at the econs list of subjects and i had this nervous breakdown IT WAS LIKE SOME FLOODGATE OF BAD MEMORIES OPENED UP SERIOUSLY i went i cannot do this. i cannot do this.

It was horrible.

I hate economics.

Personal achievement of the day: setting up my room’s internet connection!
Sure, it’s just searching for and buying some wire and plugging it into the right place.. idiot proof, really. Still. Small achievements. It is also a sign that my life is getting more and more boring by the minute. Seriously! Can you feel it? Its grinding to a halt and plummeting into the void also known as uninterestingness.

Okay whatever i am going to do something similarly uninteresting now like drink water or watch my nails grow or something bye.