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An assortment of photos around New York and New Jersey with the Kodak and Dmtri.

I’m feeling slightly bummed that this is my last week here but with every day, growing conviction that New York is not a once in a lifetime trip, the empire state will see me again hopefully sooner than later. In slightly under two weeks i start college on a green and brick campus promising reminiscence of campuses abroad. After traipsing across actual campuses abroad, im not sure how close my new school comes, but any place with sprawling space and crisp air is always welcome.

At five am in the morning, G and I discuss our plans to meet in Dubai and Paris within the next two years. On the same note, some of you may have heard that im entering a collaboration with a local magazine as well as a Spa chain as a blogger. The second one isnt confirmed yet, but if i suddenly have smoother/nicer/clearer skin, you’ll know why.

Lastly, from coyotedreamsong who is all shades of lovely and created a Jem’s Jam mixtape for me:

Architecture in Helsinki – It’s Five / Tashaki Miyaki – All I Have To Do Is Dream / Allo Darlin – Woody Allen / Anna Ternheim – Summer Rain / Festival – Fair and True / Foster The Kids – Pumped Up Kicks / Kids of 88 – Ribbons of Light / Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N / The Naked And Famous – Young Blood / You Say France & I Whistle – OMG

Click to download.