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So who would have known that i’d be interested in anything but shopping, right?
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Museum of Modern Art, New York City 2011.

lol so emo

giving my “this is art?!” face.

no, seriously. I could hear people wax on about the degree of the angle and the significance of the colors or the sheer amazingness of the strong.. wonderful.. squares used, but i just dont get it.

A smart car, eco friendly.
Also, if you look in the background you can see an angry security guard approaching G to tell her not to touch the art.

Even the sign says so.

This was my favorite exhibit.

I had the completely irrational urge to tear up at this exhibition.
I liked it very much, but i found it so sad.

Your virtual tour of MOMA here: one, two

I liked MoMA,i loved the oil paintings and photos and i finally saw a picasso in real life, but G’s thing is more history of art and she was so bored she went to count sheep.

Literally. There was a film exhibit with sheep walking around in a circle.


After that, we had dinner at TGIF because we are walking cliches, tgif on a friday get it get it get it hhahahhahaha ok nevermind.
Met Vic, went up to Lincoln to watch ..

That’s right, kids, we went for Happy Potter.

Anyway. The entire theater was sobbing so hard at Snape’s dying scene, and being the cheesy, cheesy cliche that i am, when dumbledore turned to snape with a shocked expression and went

“After all this time?”

I whispered along with severus snape


My favorite line from the entire harry potter series.

Personally felt that was the best scene, was fiercely patriotic to a school that wasnt mine during the Battle of Hogwarts opening sequence, felt disappointed in the ending battle scene- bellatrix died too easily, and the harry-voldermort battle felt kind of flat. AND DUMBLEDORE DIDNT CRY AT THE FAUX KINGS CROSS STATION WHY.

Emma Watson was gorgeous as always. Neville longbottom- hot dayuummmn! living proof that puberty does wonders.

Walking to the metro from the theaters, felt the chilly brush of an early Fall against my face highlighting the tear tracks, thought of snape again. POOR SNAPE ITS OKAY IF NOBODY LOVES YOU OKAY I STILL LOVE YOU.

That is all.