Currently listening to:Love Affair by Copeland

My new lamp i ordered on ebay awhile back when i was going through my depressed, must order random bits of furniture online compulsively phase was finally fixed up today by my dear mum and sister in half an hour, while i have been fiddling with it for months and couldnt make head or tail out of it.

i would have written something vaguely more tumblr-worthy and inspirational-ish like everything was beautiful and nothing hurt like i often see on tumblr, splashed across the picture in HELVETICA no less but i thought to myself whatever, that does not express what an awesome lamp this is and i wrote HI GUYS I HAVE A PRETTY AWESOME LAMP, looked at it, laughed. Looked at it again might be the medicine but im finding this pretty catalobusly funny and i laughed. I HAVE A PRETTY AWESOME LAMP.

Lie back, stare at possibly the most beautiful thing i have bought this year, i have become an astronomer in a galaxy of my own making, powered by AA batteries.

This morning i woke up sick
I need to sit
But you just stood up
No you dont understand, i really need to sit

Find myself on a sofa
Woken up by a phone call
Surprise! I say, not sure if i am awake or not

An hour later i check the call records, reaffirm that it wasnt a dream, all went according to plan except my immunity system which follows no rules and sticks to no plan.

Decide that fresh night air would be good for me, went roaming alone with my book and the ipod
Decorated a cupcake
Started laughing to myself
i’m decorating a freaking cupcake in the middle of the night!
people started to stare.
stopped laughing to myself.

Settled down alone at a cafe, waiting
Had a hot cup of latte
Two hours, reading, wished i had brought a sweater
part of me started to seriously consider the notion of living alone for an extended period of time
eat alone
roam alone
watch a movie alone
no pressure that comes packaged with the constant presence of other people
sounds good, sounds lovely, sounds relaxing, sounds appealing

the other part contemplated the difference between needing someone in your life and wanting them there.

besides the part where i fell sick
it was a good day.
pretty good day.