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Never have i been so happy to tap away at the soft white keys of my laptop. For those of you who follow this blog, you’ll know that for the past few days, my blog server has had some downtime and everyone who came to this site saw some “This site is currently unavailable” notice which scared the shit out of me because i had no idea what was going on.

The entire weekend i was freaking out so badly i dont even. As much as it shames me to admit it,jemmawei is like my life support… six years of blogging and never have i encountered problems like this, feels like a part of me has been ripped out, feel precariously teetering between withdrawal symptoms and volatility- there, now ive said it. I have also successfully made myself sound like a psycho internet freak who sits and home and hides behind her computer…

After freaking out almost the whole of today and making overseas calls and pestering my extremely tech savvy colleagues who never cease to amaze me with their intricate knowledge of technical jargon, at approximately SIX FIFTY EIGHT PM today my blog was back online and I WAS SO RELIEVED I SWEAR I COULD CRY

THANK YOU SO MUCH all who have helped me- Ricky, Xtel, Miko, Aaron, Pearlyn.
THANKYOU SO MUCH all of you who have been spamming me with emails and texts and calls demanding an explanation/asking what happened to jemmawei/ screaming at me for what seemed like quitting the blogosphere- awwww you make me feel so .. read.. also, stressed because i didnt know what the hell was going on either haha.
And lastly, thank you so much the rest of you out there (some of whom i know, some of whom are strangers) for being so unendingly sweet, i actually got responses to my half-joking blatant declaration of acception of cash donations for my NY shopping fund .. I CANT BELIEVE Y’ALL REMEMBERED THAT AND TOOK ME SERIOUSLY!!! I AM SO TOUCHED :’)


What i’ve been up to sans blog, to prove that i actually (do) have a life past the screen of my pink laptop..

I downloaded Disney Channel’s Starstruck starring (you guessed it) Sterling Knight onto the ipaddington and watched it twice…


Saturday, we went to Fika Cafe to celebrate Ra4dy’s nineteenth!

Fika Cafe’s a Swedish cafe down on Haji lane which serves pretty decent food, price ranging from 10-25 dollars i think depending on what you buy. It’s also Halal, which makes it awesome for all us multi racial harmonious friends.. the government should hire us as poster kids for social studies!

(Side note: i really do think there are not enough decent halal cafes in singapore. You know when you google halal cafe/restaurant, what gets the highest hits? Burger King. Thats right, Burger king. Well hello there, paper crown hats and birthday parties with beef patty.)

Hand baked cake by Rabbit and Dreamweaver, in Tiffany and Co blue no less.
It was pretty good, actually.

Hahaha check out Ra4dy and Kohen’s ohmygoodness she can bake she did oh she really did bake is this safe face

Our Prom king and queen couple strutting it on the table!


Taken by the very friendly Fika waitress. And no, boys, she isnt Swedish.

Happy nineteenth’s Ra4dy ^^
It felt pretty good just sitting there catching up with people i havent seen in months. I have the vague sense of time passing, months slipping by like melting butter on a hot pan, thought to myself, when you start work you really do operate on a completely different time scheme from everyone else, you really do lose track of time. On second thought, maybe its just me.

Last night, went down to the Esplanade Recital Studio to listen to the Vocal Associates 2011 showcase. Oh who are we kidding, we were just there for Jenna. She was stunning as always, when you listen to her voice you feel like you could wrap yourself in it and sip it down like warm chocolate on a freezing day.

The rest of the VA were very good as well, although as extremely biased friends, we only had eyes/ears for Jenna. Within a two hour concert, Chuinch developed a full blown crush on one of the male singers. Hmm.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see Cheryl Keita at the showcase- i had forgotten that she was part of VA too and she looked absolutely gorgeous as always (:

Backstage at the Esplanade last week, bentwy and i were talking about the lack of consumption of the arts in general in this country. It’s a pity, i love Singapore but i wish people viewed the arts with more appreciation here. Abroad, people attend concerts as often as they do movies, in Singapore, it could be a once yearly or less occurrence. Biennale is a two-yearly event, and then again, how many of you really attended it? (Neither did i actually…)

There is just so much talent everywhere, sometimes you just bask in its reflected glory, delight in the decadence of performance and music, open one eye lazily and realise the rest of the world are off reading their examination notes..
Going to make it a point to attend more concerts, exhibitions, life should not purely revolve around formulae and work and theory.

A late phone call tonight from an unfamiliar number, i picked up, recognised, smiled to myself and said quietly, hello, you.