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So i figured that if i dont blog right away, i will never get round to it. Calls to mind: Phuket, Italy, Milan, Genting, KL…

Anyway! My dad was invited to speak at Life BP’s church camp/conference this year, so our entire family was invited along. We stayed in a suite at the Nirwana Gardens- Bintan, Indonesia- very generous of Life church!

Departing from the tanah merah ferry terminal! Its a lot like the airport- luggage check in, customs and all. At least to me. It’s my first time taking a ferry as far as my memory serves, so i was really excited!!

On the boat!! Baby sister looks half asleep lololol

Dont let this innocent little picture fool you. THE BREAD AND SOUP WAS MAJORLY DELICIOUS. The kind of delicious where you have to close your eyes and go mmmm.. Indonesians make really good bread.

I actually didnt officially take leave from work, because the nature of my job (writing) thankfully doesnt require my physical presence in the office all the time, so i brought my laptop and worked from the suite. The internet was a little wonky though, so i was wrestling with skype for a really long time .___.

the gorgeous jamie and christine! Came over to our room at night cos uncle jon wanted to give my dad an ipad- now he can play angry birds too!!! i dont think he’s too interested in angry birds though, because when i vociferated my sentiments he just stared.. at.. me..

Day 2:

Just woke up to the sun’s insistent rays streaming through the huge windows and my sister happily yelling SMILE! and snapping away with the Kiss.

Cant stop laughing at my own face there man omg.

Whatchu so shocked at huh huh

Been (attempting) watching my budget, so this is basically my old mermaid choir skirt which i just altered a little and rewore as a maxi.

“I whip ma hair back and forth i whip ma hair back and forth”


Walking along the beach in the evening before heading over to a kelong for dinner

Right before this was the disaster with the Kiss’ lens.. sigh. All photos at the kelong/hereafter were shot on manual mode. 🙁

Day 3:

Good morning!

Finally hit the beach

Lounging on the beach reading off my iPaddington. I finished two books this trip- The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire both by Rick jordan. He’s the author of the Percy Jackson series (which i didnt particularly like save for the last book/ the first book of the new series The Lost Hero) Yes i am aware that in the library this would probably be filed under Childrens Fiction/Young Adult but hey- i really like greek/roman/egyptian mythology (explaining my huge DC/Marvel obsession when i was younger) and these books do make for easy reading.

Day 4:

ohai there!


Well that’s about it, not posting up all 500+ photos because im pretty sure you’re sick and tired of my face by now. after coming back from the trip i looked into the mirror and concluded that i decidedly resemble a ham now.. tis the effects of over enthusiasm regarding a certain very good bread and soup..

The trip was very spiritually refreshing, the talks were very good. Made me want to think further, harder, probe myself experimentally and try harder at certain things. I made notes which could hardly keep up with the bullettrain speed of pastor soon yong’s (not my dad!!!) speaking speed, but if anyone is interested you can drop me an email here ( and i’ll be more than happy to send them to you or explain them further/answer more questions if need be.

Yep, pastor’s daughter express at your service.

You are welcome!