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Hi Guys!

I’m back in town- Phuket was Goooood. From roaming the town searching for air conditioned abodes to falling asleep on the beach to spontaneously dancing in a cafe with a Mexican i met ten minutes ago to Waka Waka… It was good.

Full update when i get Xtel’s share of photos too!

Well, before my short getaway with the team, I went down to watch the AM session of the Choral SYF 2011. Meridian was pretty good- not their best performance, but pretty damn good either way. I’m in all likelihood slightly biased due to being alumni as well as their ex sop SL, but i really did think they were good. They got a Gold and they were heartbroken, and i thought to myself, why is this happening again? Why both Anglican and Meridian? Then i decided: if they can be disappointed over a gold, i guess that goes to show how far their standards have been raised.

I miss performing.

In other news, the elections have come and gone with my heart gone out to George Yeo for the loss of Aljunied. Best quote of the night went to Namira, who posted on twitter:

“@namiaaaaay: George Yeo how could they kick you out and let riffraff like oh I dont know TPL in. You are such a sweetheart okay. CALL ME”


I met George Yeo when i was sixteen and I liked the guy (not just because he gave me an ipod lah okay dont be superficial)


Check it out my skirt short or what sia TSK. i feel like slapping my secondary school self. Anyway he came across as a really nice guy (at sixteen i had no idea he was the Foreign minister- slap myself again), sincere, smiles a lot, and so on. He still looks like a nice guy from recent election videos, but now he looks more.. Tired.

In any case, I’m honestly glad the entire elections saga is over, because people were getting so Angry over it. Pro PAP people screaming at Pro Opposition people, Pro Opp people hatin on Pro PAP people, both sides thinking the other as stupid/idiotic/DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY/etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so all of you just need to chill and head out to the beach or something. Malice makes you ugly and Anger gives you wrinkles.

Just sayin~

OKAY today i just knocked out on the couch the entire afternoon because i stayed up late to watch the results and i had church this morning. Watched the latest episode of the vampire diaries in the evening and sobbed my eyes out ELIJAH HOW COULD YOU I AM SO DISAPPOINTED YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY NEW CUTE HOMEBOY. Okay am going to shut up now because all those who haven’t watched it are going to kill me for spoiling it for them.

Eyes are dry now from all the crying, and somehow i’m yawning again. Its going to be a long day tomorrow with work resuming and all. It may be a holiday for all the schooling kids but i had a pretty good (all expenses paid woohoo!) holiday last week so I’m not complaining.